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The Darkness?

Yes, Its' a game I'm making with RPG Maker XP. I will release the demo soon, but for now, you'll have to wait. It will have an awesome battle system, intense storyline, ccoa's ums and caterpillar script. I will release more info at a later date.


The Story

the dark abyss of a mans heart, that is what feeds the darkness. you wake up in the woods from a weird dream, emma has woken you up, you talk a little, remebering its her birthday, you hand her a necklace you made. afterwards she tells your mom wants you to come home, when you get there she gives you some chores. upon completing them your mom tells you drake dropped by, you go and meet him.
you both wander into the woods, and find an old hermits house, but its destroyed, you go into the basement, and find he was an alchemist. you go down another flight of stairs and find yourself in a chasm. you accidently release the first boss. when you leave its raining, and emma comes and tells you to come back home, your moms are worried about you.
when you get home, the village isnt the way you left it, there are dark beings running around and dead everywhere, you find your mom but your to late. you hear the roar of death and flee the village with emma and drake.

this is just the beginning.