finally guy's, i have a demo, it took so long, i had to restart two times, my computer failed, and i procrastinated, but now finally its here, the demo for darkness. some things arent finished, like the beginning cutscene, cause you guys have been waiting to long already.


posponed...... AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Hey guy's, this is flamamster, due to some problems, the demo has been postponed again, but this time for a short while. why was it postponed, you ask? well, when i promised a demo, i started working on the game to get it ready, but as i worked, and my life got busy, i realised that the game was nowhere near ready for a demo. like i hadn't made custom battlers even, but i'm am glad to annouce that i only have one more of those for the time being to make. as for the story, been working on that, so as to get it ready, but still a long way. i promise that i will update soon and the demo will be up and running when i do.



Site Updates

I've just been making some small edits to the site and made a banner for the site since the old one was a bit fuzzy and pixelated.


Demo Coming Soon.

Okay, I think i've waited long enough for this. I will upload a demo the coming week. It will only be up to the first boss and over the next days, I'm gonna have to get all the kinks out, but it's coming.


Some Changes

The story has been completly tricked out. I am going to add an augmenting script once it comes out. Coco and Max's names have been changed to Emma and Adrian. 

We're Back!

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I got Darkness back! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I will start posting some screens soon and also a demo will hopefully be up and running.


Darkness has been postponed due to the fact that the computer isn't working and it has Darkness on it. Hopefully, I can get it back and start working on Darkness again.